Samos wines

Traveling in the wine road of Samos for unique holidays!

The special Samian wine has made its appearance since antiquity and according to mythology, the one who first taught the inhabitants of the island the cultivation of the vineyards was Agkaios, who had taken part in the Argonaut campaign.

Thanks to the excellent subsoil of Samos island and the favorable microclimate for the cultivation of vineyards, the grapes manage to mature gradually and in the most natural way. One of the characteristics of the island is the mountain Ampelos or Karvounis on the slopes of which, at an altitude of 900 meters, are formed terraces where most of the vineyards extend. However, the area of cultivated vineyards extends throughout the island, mainly in the northern part, and reaches about 14,000 acres in total. More than 95% of them concern the cultivation of white Samos Muscat or moschoudi, from which is produced, among others, the high quality sweet wine with the name of origin “Samos”. The remaining cultivated area is shared by red grape varietals like Ritino, Avgoustiatis and Fokiano.

The exquisite Samian wine is currently exported to many foreign countries, has been honored in international competitions and is one of the main ambassadors of Greek winemaking in the international wine market. The Unified Winery Agricultural Cooperative (UWC) of Samos was founded in 1934 and is one of the oldest wineries in Greece. The Cooperative receives the grapes, produces the wine and trades almost the entire production of the island.

Wine-loving visitors of the island can combine their holidays in Samos with wine tourism. It is worth following the mountain routes of the island, especially on the north side and see the wonderful vineyards on terraces that produce the most famous Greek sweet wine. They can also visit the winery and museum of Samian wine housed in a stone building of the 19th century in Malagari area, which operated before the establishment of the Cooperative as a wine warehouse and later as a barrel factory.



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