Location of the Grand View Villas complex

Just 4km away from Samos town, the Grand View Villas complex is within a short distance from the island’s important monuments and sights and its beautiful and immaculately organized beaches.

Indicative distances
Samos City 4 km
Airport 15 km
Port 2 km
Kokkari 10 km
Psili Ammos - Mikali 9 km
Pythagorion 12 km
Ireon 18 km

Samos is one of the most beautiful and green islands of Greece. It is an integral part of the Ancient Greek Culture, elements of which survived until today and are located at its  most important cultural sites.

According to the historian Herodotus,  Heraion was the largest temple in Ancient Greece and was dedicated to the goddess Hera. The Tunnel of Eupalinos, an underground aqueduct of substantial technical work of antiquity is also located in Samos, in the area of Pythagorion. The island has two museums located in the capital of Samos and in Pythagorion as well as a museum of natural history, a museum of folk art and a wine museum.

Monasteries like Zoodochos Pigi and Agia Zoni with their carved wooden shrines and icons of the 17th century are worth visiting during your stay in the villas. The spectacular view from the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi includes the coastline of eastern Samos and its picturesque beaches as well as the coast of Asia Minor. The unique view at this height is breathtaking.

Higher up at the Zoodochos Pigi monastery, you can see St. Paul’s first steps where according to tradition was the first place in Greece where he came to preach Christianity. At the monastery of Agia Zoni you will admire the 18th century sculptured temple as well as the icons of saints and the beauty of the landscape.

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