Samos monasteries

Samos monasteries

Samos hosts many significant monasteries that are scattered around the island…

Samos wines

Samos wines

The special Samian wine has made its appearance since antiquity and according to…

Samos beaches

Samos beaches

The enchanting beaches of Samos Island, with pebbles or sand, lie next to…

Samos hiking

Exploring Samos on foot

The island of Samos, apart from the unique beaches and the history that characterizes it, it has also many…

Samos island

Welcome to Samos

Samos can offer you its world know sweet wine, grandeur and romantic walks in the town of Vathi…



Dear visitors,

We wish this message to find you all safe and healthy, in terms of the unprecedented situation we all experience.

We would like to point out some features for our Hotel Complex "GRAND VIEW VILLAS" which make it a safe and protected place to spend your holidays.

1) Our hotel accommodation consists of two autonomous villas (buildings), each of which consists of two independent luxury suites of 75 m².

2) Each suite has an independent private entrance as well as a private walkway leading from the parking lot to the entrance of each suite.

3) There is no reception or any other place where many people gather so that the risk of transmitting diseases is too low.

4) In addition, the cleaning staff of our hotel complex complies with all the prescribed measures announced by the government.

We wish everyone a good of the season, opening our doors from 01/05/2023 and soon overcoming the problem with COVID-19.

For any information or clarification do not hesitate to contact us. All contact forms are available on our official website

Yours sincerely,

Panagiotis Mitsou
for Grand View Villas